232/365 – Meditation Games #232 – Mirror Mirror

Developer: Bruno Cardoso

Launcher Quote: “For many years I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my mirror, and it took me a long time to accept all my imperfections, maybe I was just not “my type”.

But as the years passed I have learned to accept this skin I live in with all its good things and bad things, and the more I was feeling comfortable with my skin, the more I was feeling happy to share my love with someone else.”

Just about all of us have experienced some issue with how we look and how we view ourselves at some point in our lives. The feeling is one of dissatisfaction, and in the worst cases is crushing to someone’s morale and ability to get through their day. And there’s no greater focus that puts that front and center than a simple look in the mirror.

The game that Bruno puts together for this entry definitely shows you in a very straightforward, visual way about how this happens, in the  form of grey sad clouds covering the body and you having to actively click them away so that they become hearts. In a way, this is an active way to try to deal with the fact that we sometimes see ourselves as less than we actually are, that we are in many ways worth looking at, worth noticing, and worth being important to others.

It was nice to see that this game sort of had an optimistic note to it because we’re given agency in order to try to remove the cloud or miasma of what obscures the person underneath. It shows us that we can and should take a hand in trying to dispel those feelings as much as possible, and use any tools in front of us to do so, whether that is through simple mental fortitude, leaning on a support structure, going to regular therapy, and more. The point is that it isn’t totally hopeless, and more importantly, that you’re not alone in that fight for your self-esteem.

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