225/365 – Meditation Games #225 – Stars At Night

Developer Credits: Amberle Johnson, Adam LeDoux, ruin

Launcher Quote: “August 13th is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower, an annual meteor shower that occurs between July 17th and August 24th. What could be better than a nice night picnic with a thermos of warm coffee to watch them? Who knows what you might see!”

Stargazing is a practice as old as ancient times, when scientists and other luminaries used observation of the stars for everything from divinity interpretations, charting the position they were in based on the place the stars occupied, navigation, and other such uses. In a way, the multi-dimensional use of stars as they sit in the night sky is part of the appeal of why we stargaze today, although some of it has become a bit more recreational amongst your average person and perhaps not as much practical or scientific.

The developer talks about looking at the stars during a particular time of of the year, when you can not only observe the stars but also the peak of a meteor shower which makes that observation all the more dynamic. In this sense, you’re not seeing something that is just static and something you can wonder over as it seems to move through the sky. No longer have the stars become this thing that are just a passive sight – they’ve become something moving, something that is actively showing you something happening light years away.

It might seem like spending time looking at the stars during a picnic at night might not be the most productive use of your time, but just as people say things like needing to stop and smell the roses, and take time to take breaks in order to ensure that mentally you’re on point when you return to your own routines and your own life, people can use stargazing to do just that. In life, we tend to try to minimize some of the seemingly trivial things that don’t accomplish as much for us, but this, I think, is a mistake. If we can’t peek at the stars and understand that we can take the time to think about something bigger than ourselves in order to be better ourselves, then we’re definitely doing ourselves a disservice.

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