224/365 – Meditation Games #224 – Memory Orbs

Developer: Andrew C. Wang

Launcher Quote: “August 12, 2016. It was my final two minutes at my home for the past 10 years, before leaving for the very last time. As I did a final walk-through to make sure nothing was left behind, I found a decade of memories. Everywhere I looked was a reminder of a bygone moment of joy, pain, love, laughter, of sorrow.

Life if but a collection of moments. Looking back at the last 10 years, what moments meant the most to you? Can you look back and laugh at some of the long faded bad moments now? What moments will you create in the next 10 years? Make each moment count!”

It’s fairly safe to say that many people do not stay in one place all their lives. They create different memories over the years in one place before moving on to another, whether that is through school, through different homes, or through different jobs. In all of these places, you leave imprints of yourself, influences, or memories, all of which contribute to you being able to remember what impact you had.

Most of the time, these are intangible things, only present in your memory and the memory of others that you work with or influence during your time in a particular place. This Meditation Games entry, however, makes these into actual objects in the form of orbs that burst open as you collect them, showing the memory for a brief second in clear detail. As the player, you walk around the apartment, collecting these orbs to relive the memories within. It’s a kind of nice way to gamify the idea of memory by giving it a goal used as an age-old mechanic in games by having the player be able to pick up all the memories and relive them, all while traveling around the house that is now empty and about to be vacated.

What’s also nice about this is that you’re only shown brief glimpses of these orbed memories, effectively only having a couple of seconds to see what they are. This is fine, because like memories, some of them are more vivid than others, and some of them also have a way of being easier to fade than others. Memory, after all, is somewhat of a thing that at times can be difficult to recall, especially if the memory is older and less likely to be remembered. In that sense, them being ephemeral is appropriate, even as we work to create new memories in a new place.

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