225/365 – Meditation Games #225 – Stars At Night

Stargazing is a practice as old as ancient times, when scientists and other luminaries used observation of the stars for everything from divinity interpretations, charting the position they were in based on the place the stars occupied, navigation, and other such uses. In a way, the multi-dimensional use of stars as they sit in the night sky is part of the appeal of why we stargaze today, although some of it has become a bit more recreational amongst your average person and perhaps not as much practical or scientific.

224/365 – Meditation Games #224 – Memory Orbs

It’s fairly safe to say that many people do not stay in one place all their lives. They create different memories over the years in one place before moving on to another, whether that is through school, through different homes, or through different jobs. In all of these places, you leave imprints of yourself, influences, or memories, all of which contribute to you being able to remember what impact you had.