223/365 – Meditation Games #223 – Life Branching

Developer: Norgg

Launcher Quote: “On August 11th, 2009 my son Rowan was born.

This is a tree for him.”

Cultivation of other things living is one of those skills that many of us get exposed to in our lives. Whether it’s helping a tree grow, or caring for a beloved pet, or other such practices, it’s perhaps one of those things that we learn but then tend to put aside until later in life. For those that become parents, when their world suddenly shifts and changes, this is a skill that is all too needed when it comes to cultivating their family.

In this sense, today’s game is highly appropriate for the message it’s sending. You’re set to pruning a tree properly, watching it grow and guiding it along a path that makes it so that it’s not growing poorly and is also stable and strong. The branches grow at a steady, if not slow, pace, and the need to prune them more accurately becomes more and more frequent as the branches take shape.

In many ways, the tree being dedicated to the developer’s son is highly appropriate – the branches of the tree are much like the branching that one’s life can take at times. The way that we’re called upon to prune those branches and guide these myriad paths properly is much like the way that parents are obligated to guide the paths in front of their children with care, love, and precision. Like the tree, that’s how children grow into being strong and independent, able to pursue the branching of their life on their own, and perhaps, if they choose to, cultivate their own tree in the form of their own children.

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