216/365 – Meditation Games #216 – In Step And In Sync

Developer: Charlotte Woolley

Launcher Quote: “August 4th is a special day for me, it was the first time that anyone had remotely shown any interest in me, and made me feel like a whole person. I’ve been with my partner for 11 years now, and I know that every August 4th we do so celebrating our life together. This year I’m taking him to Sweden, he doesn’t know yet! :3

This meditation is based on last year when we went to the Isle of Wight together and walked along the sea front, I was hideously sick on our final day there but it didn’t stop us loving the time we were there.

When we fall instep with each other everything feels right with the world.”

There’s a kind of contentment that comes with being together with someone that you truly connect with. When that happens, it feels like you’re almost always on the same page, that hardships, as inevitable as they are are able to be overcome, and that you’re in sync with what goals you truly want to achieve. It’s something that can sometimes seem out of reach for people sometimes, as we search for that someone who helps to complete us, and who we can rely upon.

Rhythm games, especially those that involve two people, are all about being in sync and in concert with one another. Whether it’s a simple set of button presses or a complex tune that requires every step hit to be the right one, it involves a bit of teamwork to be successful at. It’s a nice genre to try to use as a presentation medium for what message the developer is trying to send by showing how in step both of them are, and have been for the last decade plus, and also how important it is for that to happen in order to have a healthy and supportive long-term relationship.

In the end, the message being sent is that sometimes it’s the simple moments that you spend just being with someone in a place somewhere, both wanting the same thing, and both just enjoying one another’s company, that are the best and most memorable ones. There are the major events, and the ones that everyone remembers you both for, but it’st he every day moments that are the ones that can sometimes have a longer shelf life. For the developer, that can be as simple as a walk together along the coast, and sometimes, that’s more than enough to feel loved.

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