216/365 – Meditation Games #216 – In Step And In Sync

There’s a kind of contentment that comes with being together with someone that you truly connect with. When that happens, it feels like you’re almost always on the same page, that hardships, as inevitable as they are are able to be overcome, and that you’re in sync with what goals you truly want to achieve. It’s something that can sometimes seem out of reach for people sometimes, as we search for that someone who helps to complete us, and who we can rely upon.

215/365 – Meditation Games #215 – Slaying The Depression Suffocation

Depression and other mental health issues are difficult for people to both describe and deal with. The experience is distinct for each person and while there are consistencies, there’s always a sense in which some of what happens is unique to the individual, both in circumstances and in coping. Part of this might be why the developer was uneasy about presenting their portrayal – they didn’t want to make their own experience the experience that everyone appears to be having.