209/365 – Meditation Games #209 – Two Possibilities

Developer Credits: Samuli Jääskeläinen, Elie Abraham

Launcher Quote: “My father was never a good role model for me. When his life was taken, I was about the same age when his downfall began. This is a meditation comparing our two different paths in life.”

In life, there are multiple forks where things can turn out in different ways depending on the decisions we make. We decide to attend that certain college, or go to another. We think about whether or not we want to pursue one career or the other. We make a choice about who to have in our lives and who to leave behind. Lots of these decisions might seem trivial, but when compared to someone else, especially someone that’s your family, they can become stark and painfully obvious as to their divergence.

The developer didn’t really have a good relationship with their father, and as his child, there’s a natural tendency to make comparisons as far as where each of them ended up. The game’s rather dark and seemingly endless road in front of both him and his father’s choices is an appropriate one, filled with uncertainty moving forward, but with an outcome depicted in iconography and pictures that shows how those paths began to diverge and eventually lead to different outcomes. In many ways, the fact that a single path and road can be traveled in two distinctly different ways is a reminder that we have choices that we make and they can lead to both good or ill, depending on what’s chosen.

To the developer’s credit, they didn’t let their father’s dark past and eventual outcome taint them in any way. The idea that they were able to persevere despite the fact that they didn’t have a good role model to be able to emulate is a testament to both the developer’s tenacity and courage, but also of the fact that on some level, we always have the ability to try to get past a situation that isn’t the best for our development, that we can make choices that diverge away from a destructive path, and to ultimately turn out to be better for it. It’s a nice reminder that we can always choose to keep moving forward even with circumstances behind us that aren’t great.


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