202/365 – Meditation Games #202 – Pizza Passion

Developer: Jupiter Hadley

Launcher Quote: “My dad worked in a pizza restaurant for over 10 years before I was born. Watching him make pizza growing up was magical, he’d talk while he made it, showing what he was doing and teaching me. I now make pizza, including the dough from scratch, whenever I miss him. I think about him making pizza often.”

Creation is probably one of the main motivating factors behind anyone who gets into cooking or baking, as I have. There’s a certain sense of satisfaction in being able to put together something from nothing, and not only that, to have others enjoy what you’ve made. A lot of why I continue to do more with baking is for that look that people get on their faces when they eat something that I made and they are always wanting to come back for more.

Pizza, which I don’t really have any experience making, seems to take this to the next level as far as creation goes, which is probably why the developer in question seems to bring it up. While just about any recipe is made up of component parts, the act of making a pizza, a layered process that involves working with and making each ingredient stack on top of one another, is one that seems to unfold right in front of you, to become something as you work with it – and there’s enough variation that things that come from it that aren’t always the same as someone else’s pizza creation.

In many ways, the developers that this project seems to encompass have an appropriate metaphor in the fact that on some level game development is like pizza creation – a layered process of building something up from nothing and with a high degree of variability even amongst games of the same genre or style. It’s no surprise that this is an inspiring process for the developer who made the game – not just for the personal attachment, but also on the level of being able to create and be innovative, and to make things for others that they can enjoy.

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