201/365 – Meditation Games #201 – Breaking Through To Beloved

Developer: Colin Horgan

Launcher Quote: “We came so far, but there was nothing to see.

A promise of waves, lapping on a shore out of reach, calling to us. 

Only through faith, into the dense unknown, I trudged ahead.

We would have our beautiful day, whatever it took.

And you followed.

I could see it, like a dream, gold shimmers and the clearest blue, just beyond us.

And I took your hand.

Through blades of yellow, mud and shells crunching under each step, we got closer.

And I could see us, up ahead, in a dream of our own.

Your smile, waiting for me.

To finally break through, out of the Endless, into your arms.

Our love, our escape, free as the butterfly that soared above.”

Barriers that exist in order to keep you from moving forward have been a theme with the entries that have been uploaded for July. Persevering in spite of them, or just as a means to become something more, has also been somewhat of a theme as well. But very few, if any of them, have dealt with the goal of breaking through to someone as an objective, as a means of trying to find someone to connect with, or who you care about in order to make yourself stronger. This game, one which takes a bit of effort to ensure that you get to your goal without issue, is one of those that takes this more specific tack on the message.

Interestingly enough, the symbolism of breaking through to a person you care about is couched a bit in nature, in a large field of grain that you can’t quite see past too far, and which seems to go on endlessly, with much more of it in front of you every time that you keep moving forward. That’s a nice touch, on a couple of levels – first in the sense that significant moments where you break through to someone who you care about can be crystallized in quaint memories spent outside in nature, and second in the idea that you’re both literally and figuratively breaking through barriers to get to your goal. Nature is in and of itself unconcerned about the fact that we feel it’s in our way, or that we find that it’s something to be conquered or pushed through. It simply is, and we, not it, are the interlopers.

Still, the exercise of being tenacious and breaking through barriers both natural and symbolic made the reward all the better, even if it seemed at times that the goal was barely visible, a distant speck, and an occasional glimpse that teased and tantalized the player. It meant that the goal was reachable, and that it was something that we should aspire towards, a message being sent that we should never be satisfied with being lost in the weeds or in the grain field, and that we should always try to achieve our dreams even if they seem far away. An interesting way to encourage tenacity, I’d say.

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