199/365 – Meditation Games #199 – SO Support

Support structures are supremely important to being able to accomplish what we want. While there’s a certain amount of individual dedication and strength required in order to be able to meet your goals and reach new heights, rarely are those goals met without a certain sense of assistance, whether that be from those around you who love you, from dedicated and loyal co-workers, or from friends who are there for you when you stumble. Even rarer are presentations which really show the importance of that structure, as your accomplishments usually take center stage, with the structure only referred to in passing, grateful remarks after the fact.

197/365 – Meditation Games #197 – Final Resting Place

Many of the entries in this project deal with death on some level or another, and I’ve seen entries that deal with the finality of it, look at it in a positive light in terms of cherishing memories, and try to come to a conclusion about whether or not it is the actual end of existence. But none of them so far have taken the political or religious tack that Shelly’s entry does, putting the burial of a grandfather at odds with the religious orthodoxy of a country itself embroiled in a battle about territory.