196/365 – Meditation Games #196 – Rug Contentment

Developer: Alberto Rico

Launcher Quote: “Sometimes it’s the simple things that stick with you. When you go to Ikea in the usmme rjust looking to get somewhere with AC, you wouldn’t expect to spend so much time touching the warm, fuzzy, rugs. I didn’t anyway.

But those rugs were really nice to touch (they were making my hand numb by the end) and I had just started to get an income, and so I was entertaining the idea of, come winter, having saved enough money to justify buying one.

It was a simple moment, but for second I stopped feeling like my real life was just about to start. I felt it already had. For a second, though.”

Sometimes it’s the little things, the specific things that give us a sort of relaxation, a contented feeling that, even though it may be short term, is enough for us to forget some of our pains and issues, not have to think about what kind of problems we have to face that are large and looming before us. Part of the reason why people give advice to try to take a mental break once in a while is so that we’re allowed to reset ourselves, focus on something trivial, and hopefully come back stronger, both mentally and physically.

This is why even though this entry was just about touching the different textures of rugs at an IKEA, that it isn’t as simple of a message or presentation as I thought of at first. You’re not doing terribly much besides watching the rugs move as you run your hand over them, but the point is that it’s an activity that is almost an idle one, something that is supposed to be trivial and simple, because it’s something that is meant to show you how little things can be relaxing.

It may not seem like rug touching is the cure-all for everyone’s ills, and it’s not meant to be. I’ve found myself trying to take a bit of a break myself doing just the little things, like listening to an audio book while I wash the dishes, or doing the laundry on an early morning, or taking joy in something small and easy as picking out cool things to eat or drink at the grocery. There are times when simple joys, added up, lead to a way to build mental fortitude for when things do get difficult, and when big decisions need to be made, and it’s important to embrace that simplicity when it’s presented to you.


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