192/365 – Meditation Games #192 – Guiding Coordinates

Developer: Le-roy Karunaratne

Launcher Quote: “Sky Pilot

49 38’07″N 123 05’10″W”

I’d probably never really do terribly well in the wild without much equipment or gear. I’ve always known in my heart that I was very much a city life person, so anything having to do with roughing it or camping out in nature hasn’t always been my bag. There isn’t anything wrong with those that do, but in this case this is just a realization of my own limitations when it comes to my skillset.

This particular Meditation Games entry was a reminder to me of the kind of lost feeling I’d have if I was ever stuck out somewhere and had to make my way out, far from civilization. With only a launcher quote putting forward some latitude and longitude coordinates and the mechanics of having to direct  myself in the right direction by facing my character’s head that way, I had a bi of a struggle making forward progress. When there was forest, I had a slow crawl to get out of it, only to encounter more of it. There were starts and stops as I realized I needed to face my head a new direction and a bit of uncertainty about where to go or how I was doing.

But maybe that was perhaps the point of the exercise. In this entry, as with many others, you’re not given very many clues – you’re just put into the thick of things, and it’s a bit of a mental exercise and experiment to discover what to do and how to do it. In this case, it was, to me, trying to simulate that feeling you get when you’ve got a compass in your hand and are trying to face in the right direction to go where you’re supposed to – that sort of feeling of wondering if you’re going to be able to get to a destination, and that feeling of hope when you feel you’re on the right path. In some respects, that might be a comparison to how life usually goes – in which case I’d have to say, at least for my part, that the lost in a forest analogy thankfully isn’t how I’ve gotten where I am today.

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