190/365 – Meditation Games #190 – Outside the Comfort Cloud

Developer: Laura Calle

Launcher Quote: “There are great things out there.

In a day like this, three years ago, I moved abroad for the first time to start my first job. I wasn’t a fan of big changes and all of a sudden everything was brand new. I learnt a lot that summer but the most important lesson was learning to embrace change. That transformed my mentality: now I’m always looking for ways to expand my comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to step out of it.”

There are a couple different ways to live life, whether that is isolated or with others, guarded or open, optimistic or pessimistic, and many more. But regardless of the life choices we make, there are always times in our lives when we are presented with a decision about whether or not we need to reach outside of our comfort zone to do that living. These decisions are given to us  at different points, and sometimes, can dictate the direction that our lives can go.

Laura’s entry, a whimsical and quaint journey of the player into and out of various comfort zones, is a reminder of this. Depicted as a series of clouds that the player struggles with but eventually breaks through with persistence, these comfort clouds in question depict areas or ideas both small and large, progressing through a practice of fearless, determined pushes through and out of one comfort cloud into the next one. Each challenge seems bigger than the last, but enough pushes forward and you’re allowed to move through, rewarded with an even larger cloud to arrive at and eventually b reak out of.

The whole experience of doing this reminded me of the fact that while it’s entirely possible to stay within one’s comfort zone or cloud, to not make that attempt to take the next step or go elsewhere, that the rewards are greater for doing so, despite being somewhat of a challenge to do so – and also with the idea that there wasn’t really anything certain about what came next. Sure, there are times when you’ll stumble or even fall coming out of your comfort zone. But the message that I see being sent, is that there’s a whole wide world of opportunity waiting out there if you have the courage and determination to find it, and that regardless of the outcome, getting out of the comfort cloud is a learning experience all on its own.

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