192/365 – Meditation Games #192 – Guiding Coordinates

I’d probably never really do terribly well in the wild without much equipment or gear. I’ve always known in my heart that I was very much a city life person, so anything having to do with roughing it or camping out in nature hasn’t always been my bag. There isn’t anything wrong with those that do, but in this case this is just a realization of my own limitations when it comes to my skillset.

191/365 – Meditation Games #191 – Flowery Remembrance

There’s a curious kind of ebb and flow when it comes to the pain we feel over losing someone precious to us when it is still fresh in our minds – fresh being the first few years or so. We feel that pain keenly and sharply when it first occurs, let it ebb a bit as we eventually get on with our lives, and then feel it distinctly again when the anniversary of that loss passes by us again. During this time, I’ve found that people tend to attach a bit of ritual to the process of remembering this lost person, whether it’s a visit somewhere, an activity once shared, or in the case of the developer, a changing of flowers.

190/365 – Meditation Games #190 – Outside the Comfort Cloud

There are a couple different ways to live life, whether that is isolated or with others, guarded or open, optimistic or pessimistic, and many more. But regardless of the life choices we make, there are always times in our lives when we are presented with a decision about whether or not we need to reach outside of our comfort zone to do that living. These decisions are given to usĀ  at different points, and sometimes, can dictate the direction that our lives can go.