189/365 – Meditation Games #189 – Leap of Romantic Faith

Developer: Kyle Nyland

Launcher Quote: “On July 8th, we met up at the high school tennis courts to play a few matches for fun and grab some Slurpees afterward. Nervously, I mustered the courage to ask her to be my girlfriend. She said yes. Exactly eight years later, to the day, was our wedding day.”

Not every romance can really end or be as predictable as cinema, books, or other such fictional media makes them out to be. There’s always a sense of predetermined circumstance or fate that allows the couple to get together in the end, even despite the roadblocks and inevitable misunderstandings that accompany that tentative sense of chemistry and spark that exists between them. While there are times when that selfsame couple maybe doesn’t end up together, for the most part, you can predict a couple on the silver screen from a mile away.

This is, of course, not so in real life. There aren’t any dramatic musical overtones to the big moment. There aren’t really big and vast setpieces that the ultimate moment of truth that starts the relationship occurs in. And there’s definitely, in a lot of cases, a bunch of uncertainty about whether or not there’s openness to a relationship in the first place. In many ways, it’s a bit of a romantic leap of faith, one that the developer certainly and nervously took when they used a tennis and Slurpee outing to confess their feelings towards the person they’d wanted to be with. Playing the game, which took place at a tennis court and at the 7-Eleven afterward, reminded me that romances don’t always start on a special day in a special place in a special set of circumstances. They can just happen, and sometimes when you least expect it (or when you do dare to expect it, not knowing if it’ll happen).

What happens after this leap of faith is anyone’s guess. It could be a long and fruitful relationship like the developer envisioned, or it could be as short as the summer is long. Either way, the point is that the risk that you take personally is, in many ways, supposed to be weighed as far as whether it’s worth it or not. By and large, I’d say that it is – if for nothing else to have the possibility of having something that you can’t have if you remain guarded or open yourself to the possibility of great love, even as you do so with the potential for great hurt as well.

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