188/365 – Meditation Games #188 – New Home Together

Developer: Nathaniel Berens

Launcher Quote: “On July 7th, 2017, my wife and I closed on our first house. We sat in the empty living room that afternoon and ate pizza sitting on the floor. It was raining softly outside, and we imagined all the ways we would make this place our own.”

There’s been a few entries about new homes, moving into new homes, and journeying into a new place, but none until now that have addressed being in that home and spending your first night there with someone you’ve moved into. There’s a sense of beginning, a kind of simplicity to being in a place that is newly yours, and at the same time enjoying company with the person or persons that you’ll be living with that feels like a milestone, that feels significant.

Even though this entry is just walking around, taking in the soon-to-be-furnished house while having a simple meal of delivery pizza the floor, there’s a sense of openness, a kind of idea of new possibilities, that comes with celebrating that first night with little to no furniture. I remember it myself – it was the pride of having made it, of having a home or place of your own, of a sense of nervousness and excitement that comes to setting out on that journey with other people that you live with (or in the case of the developer, one person who you’ve already committed to spend the rest of your life with).

It was actually nice that unlike other entries it wasn’t really built to try to build or put items in the empty house, nor was that the objective. The idea was to live in this moment and take it in, to acknowledge the new freshness of a place you haven’t completely moved in to. It was to try to figure out how things were going to work, and to imagine all the different memories and events that would make a new home, and to feel just a little bit optimistic at the potential that existed in a newly empty home to make it a place where it’s not only owned but shared with others. There’s a hope that while there may be hardship that there may also be anticipation for a ton of good as well.

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