189/365 – Meditation Games #189 – Leap of Romantic Faith

Not every romance can really end or be as predictable as cinema, books, or other such fictional media makes them out to be. There’s always a sense of predetermined circumstance or fate that allows the couple to get together in the end, even despite the roadblocks and inevitable misunderstandings that accompany that tentative sense of chemistry and spark that exists between them. While there are times when that selfsame couple maybe doesn’t end up together, for the most part, you can predict a couple on the silver screen from a mile away.

188/365 – Meditation Games #188 – New Home Together

There’s been a few entries about new homes, moving into new homes, and journeying into a new place, but none until now that have addressed being in that home and spending your first night there with someone you’ve moved into. There’s a sense of beginning, a kind of simplicity to being in a place that is newly yours, and at the same time enjoying company with the person or persons that you’ll be living with that feels like a milestone, that feels significant.