187/365 – Meditation Games #187 – To-Do Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Developer: Callum Lory

Launcher Quote: “There is a feeling I sometimes get: a mixture of dread, shame and doubt.

It comes when there is an already long list of things that need to be done, that just keeps getting longer.

There is another feeling I sometimes get: a mixture of relief, pride, and confidence.

It comes when I cross out the last thing on that list.

In July of 2018 a lot of pieces would fall into place, one after the other coming together to grow into something great.

A list was finished in July, but another better one was started.”

To-do lists, especially long ones, are sometimes mountains to climb, long and arduous paths to travel, or in the case of this entry in the project, a long tunnel, with a constant obstacles needing to be hurdled in order to proceed along. These are appropriate comparisons, because sometimes, as it is with most busy people, the list can go onward and upward, down and away, out of sight ahead of you with seemingly no end in sight. At times it can seem downright intimidating.

Playing this game, I definitely got the sense that it felt like it was an endless expanse, with each required leap needing to be done at precisely the right time in order to try to get through. The light at the end of the tunnel, an occasional and then more frequent flash of starry whiteness, reminded me of those times that I watched the famous Death Star run scenes from Episode IV of STAR WARS. The computer readout much resembled the blocky, lined depiction of the terrain as I proceeded down it, getting ever so much closer to the goal and the chance to launch that torpedo of “inbox 0” at the target.

It’s for this reason that I appreciate having a productivity system a lot more, because they make such long lists and sets of items not really as intimidating or as daunting to finish. With everything down in the system of my choosing, I’m able to better work to accomplish the things that I want to do, while knowing exactly how much further I need to go to get there. When you thinking about it like, that, every leap I have to take, and every hurdle cleared doesn’t seem like an endless slog of uncertainty, but single steps towards the light at the end of the to-do list tunnel. Sure, that just means you make a brand new list with a potentially longer tunnel, but the point is to make it into something tangible, visible, and ultimately, beatable.

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