184/365 – Meditation Games #184 – Gaming Better Together

Developer Credits: Sebastian Scaini, Del Nordlund, Patrick Flattery

Launcher Quote:¬†“July 3 is an important day for me and my partner. I wanted to capture that time forever with this small interactive experience.”

Over the years I’ve been mostly a solo player. Part of that may be the fact that I prefer games that lend themselves to solo or by yourself experiences – JRPGs being the most blatant example, as traditionally they’re experiences meant for single players. But every so often, in parts of my gaming life, I’ve had the opportunity to play with other people, and in so doing, forge some pretty close friendships with people that persist long after the controllers, keyboards, and mice are put aside.

This is what makes today’s little interactive entry so nice for me. Though the developer focuses in on a relationship with their partner, making this more of an intimate “player 1 and player 2” sort of a deal, it’s not less relevant to the message being sent about how deep the connections can go when you find someone or a group of someone that you feel a kinship with. Whether that is one special person, a small group of friends that make every game a fun experience, or a larger group in a guild or clan, there’s a potential for a more significant social connection, a closing of ranks that is more than just people associating with one another on a regular basis, and a bonding that happens over games that’s just as strong as one forged over something more traditional or even more “IRL” based.

The importance of the experience highlights the value of gaming and of sharing gaming experiences with others. When people scoff or dismiss the value of games beyond a medium by which we entertain ourselves for short periods of time, I have to point them to the fact that in this, the current modern era of social media and internet exclusive interaction, such interactions and pasttimes are a primary¬† means by which to create very human and very significant relationships. For better or worse, the fact that games can be shared and played so easily by people who you love playing with on a regular basis is a part of the whole package of human interaction and the ability to do so. Just because of the fact that the medium is an entertainment one shouldn’t diminish the potential power of that medium to create lasting bonds.


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