179/365 – Meditation Games #179 – Small Moments

Developer Credits: ebeth, fire sound, waves sound

Launcher Quote: “This game is for Muriel – I promise I’ll be home for your birthday this year!”

As often as we try to make a big deal out of the more noteworthy milestones or moments in our lives, whether it be birthdays or graduations or marriages, or any other such event, it’s pretty fair to say that those moments, while big and significant, are not necessarily the sum total or defining experiences of life. The existence we have is more than likely punctuated or emphasized by such big moments, but really, it’s some of the little ones that tend to be collectively more of a defining track on which our lives travel.

This game was a reminder for me about those small moments. The presentation is simple – a sunset, campfire, marshmallows, and compansionship, all in a water color-ish  style that isn’t fancy or grand in its visualization. This isn’t by any means a huge or significant life event – marshmallows toasted over a fire rarely is – but is meant, to me, to emphasize how important such small and simple moments are. This is especially true as we’re growing up, when our formative years are defined by an equality of importance for all of these, but there’s also a recognition of these small moments’ worthiness in adulthood too, as we take a break from the bigger, larger, and more looming challenges in our lives to enjoy something very much not so.

This is, like other entries in the series, something of an emphasis on interacting and being with others in these small moments, too. The launcher quote talks of a person that is important to the developer, and which they hope to be around at some point during the year. Small moments are nice even when they are solo moments, but they are amplified in their ability to inspire contentment and appreciation when shared with someone else, too – especially when that someone is an important person in your life. It’s a good message to send, as the idea of the importance of small moments, however insignificant they might seem, is best spread around when those moments are collective, shared experiences.

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