180/365 – Meditation Games #180 – Frog Lemmings For The Win

When I was younger and I was more of a widespread connoisseur of games rather than someone who has a bit of a discerning taste, there were always a few specific genres that I’d get involved in that seemed intriguing and interesting, and slightly off the beaten path to all the more famous and well-traveled AAA titles that were out there. One of those genres was the sort of hybrid simulation/strategy type genre that has you with complete control over what you command – games like Populous, Black and White, and of course, Lemmings, were titles that I found interesting because I had to command nuance as well as general orders.

179/365 – Meditation Games #179 – Small Moments

As often as we try to make a big deal out of the more noteworthy milestones or moments in our lives, whether it be birthdays or graduations or marriages, or any other such event, it’s pretty fair to say that those moments, while big and significant, are not necessarily the sum total or defining experiences of life. The existence we have is more than likely punctuated or emphasized by such big moments, but really, it’s some of the little ones that tend to be collectively more of a defining track on which our lives travel.