178/365 – Meditation Games #178 – Universal Placement

Developer: Dann Sullivan

Launcher Quote: “Perception

When you are not looking for something it is extremely hard to even notice its presence.

I can’t remember the people who were there, only that we went to the beach. We were chased by both wind and dust over sanddunes. I was surprised to find that the waves were timid behind the towering dunes.

The night sky, free of street lights, storefront lights or amusements was the deepest black.

There’s millions of stars out there, so many that it can feel like you are being swallowed up when you first ever see them. That moment changed my entire perception of life. I can never portray that hammer hard realisation of the moment of finding all of existence and time staring at you.

That was the first time I ever felt like a tiny, swallowed-up piece of everything.”

Sometimes in every day life we get used to the feeling of being the center of the universe, and really, it’s hard not to have that mentality sometimes. After all, with regards to the planet, we’re its most intelligent beings (most of the time) and have the capacity to do and experience so much with regards to life as a whole. In addition to that, we humans have the capacity for critical thinking and reflection – a means by which we not only do but we learn, and that’s something that puts us pretty high on the food chain.

That being said, sometimes there are reminders out there they show us that even for all our vaunted intelligence and self-awareness, that we are still a part of the cycle of nature and life, and that such forces are in many ways vast and all-encompassing. The developer seeing themselves for the first time as insignificant in the comparison of the grand scheme of things in the face of nature, the night, the stars in the sky, and anything else that is much, much bigger than them is an earth-shattering revelation in this context. While from some respects we perhaps may have mastered living on the planet, whether through technology or through our minds, there are still things that are beyond us, that just are regardless of what we’ve done, and maybe might still be around after we’re long dead.

This is the kind of humbling experience that I think is worth having for people like us who may sometimes take what is out there and forget that we are one species among many, one planet among others in a system, one galaxy in a sea of stars and myriad of other phenomenon in the great unknown of space. It’s something that reminds us that we should recognize and appreciate what exists alongside us, what can still awe us, and on some level what we can’t conquer. Keeping us honest in this regard, even if it puts us out from the center of attention in the universe, is ultimately beneficial for us, ensuring we never get too far ahead of ourselves and our place, and that we can always strive for more.

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