176/365 – Meditation Games #176 – Chicken Planet

Developer: Joel Beardshaw

Launcher Quote: “I hope you enjoy being in the garden I had for 4 years

The chickens’ names were Buffy, Goldie, and Matilda”

Part of why this project is nice is because of the fact that I get to experience some of the slice of life stuff that I never experienced or had a chance to deal with when I was growing up. The diverse and varied backgrounds and upbringings of the developers who make the games for this project mean that there’s a great amount of potential for getting insight into a part of their lives that they’re able to share with others. Such as it is that I got swept up in the quaint rural farm life that Joel put together for this Meditation Games entry.

I grew up used to the sights and sounds of urban life, so the fact that I was able to see, even for a few minutes, what it would be like to be in a garden with a few chickens in it was interesting to me. Appropriately enough, there isn’t any music to accompany the navigation through the somewhat pastoral environment that you find yourself in – a lot of the reason why people tend to gardens, especially gardens with some kind of life in it beyond plant life, is for the calm and quiet solitude that being in the garden offers. In this sense, music or any kind of significant sounds beyond what you’d expect in such a natural setting would seem distracting and not at all in character.

Some of the entries like this one that put you into a scene or environment that you just experience are also a nice little break from trying to figure out meaning or put mechanics into a game that has a goal or something that you do. At times, being just in a scene or a setting, and just experiencing life in such a way is in and of itself is fine on its own, and in many respects, it serves as a more visual, tangible way to show a memory that’s in a developer’s head from time’s past. Learning as much about the developer as you do about the message you sent is just another reason to keep playing the games in this series.

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