174/365 – Meditation Games #174 – New Travel Elements

Developer: Viki Johnson

Launcher Quote: “When I was twelve I went to Switzerland with the Girl Guides. I was very scared of going in the cable cars, but for someone who grew up in the flat British countryside, the mountains there were absolutely amazing.”

I’m not someone who travels very often due to the busy schedule that I keep, but when I do travel, I try to make it a point to experience something different, something that is entirely not like the things I experience every day. It could be local cuisine, or a thing that the place that I’m in is known for, or, as in the case with the developer, looking at scenery and a place native to the region that isn’t present back home.

I don’t know that I realized how much we take our locale for granted as something natural until I had friends visit from out of town a little while back. They weren’t from a place that had nearly the population my city did, and as a result, everything that seemed like part of my normal commute, from skyscrapers to giant parks to vast and varied restaurants was a treat for them. That’s not even counting the view from tall buildings or the myriad of history that accompanied where I lived. In short, everything was different to them, a new element in their travel that they don’t normally have.

I’m sure that were the positions reversed and I made my way to my friends’ town, that I’d find something that was great that they took for granted or saw that was every day. In this respect, size or scope has nothing to do with being able to find something during a trip that is outside of your travel element and which is worthwhile and cool to look at. In the case of the developer, that just happened to be the Swiss mountains – things which no doubt anyone native to the region would find to be quite normal, but for someone who was raised in flat countryside would find breathtaking. I imagine I’d have the same reaction were I in the cable car that took the developer across this sight, and would remember and appreciate it for being something unique – a memory amongst many memories on a trip, and part of the reason why we travel at all.

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