171/365 – Meditation Games #171 – Planting The Seeds Of Effort

Developer: videodante

Launcher Quote“in the heat i plant flowers

and i find them hard to water.

i am not the rain,

i can only give so much.

but I do,


Work ethic is something that I think gets a little bit of an underappreciation these days. Part of the reason for that is that as a concept, it isn’t as sexy of a marketable term for oneself like “driven” or “self-starter” or “team player” or any of those other words. Work ethic and effort just is. It’s sustained, quiet, and part of a repeated and regular process to keep being excellent.

The game that was put out by videodante that illustrates this kind of effort in the form of attempted watering and plating of seeds, I think, is perfect for this. The primary reason for this is that planting anything and having it grow is a long term investment that requires sustained effort and work ethic to maintain. You don’t get instant gratification like you might from doing something else that involves trying to accomplish something or get it done when it comes to plants. They reward you for effort and time spent over an extended period of time, and, as a result, provide a higher sense of satisfaction after you get everything done.

The analogy that I see to work ethic being this long term payoff is an easy one to see in playing the game. It’s not something that you change overnight and is rather a habit and a mentality changed over a longer period of time. It takes a while to bear fruit and actually show results. But if you keep at it, eventually you’ll see that seed you plant grow into something that you can use. Gardeners understand this all too well, but the comparison is appropriate enough to apply in more than just your backyard.

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