168/365 – Meditation Games #168 – Caterpillar Fascination

Developer: George Batchelor

Launcher Quote: “Remember that abandoned mill

opposite grandma and grandad’s old house?

There was a gap in the fence

we could climb through

into the overgrown yard next-door,

with these tall weeds and wild flowers

stretching over my fat head.

You were big enough to see over them though.

We explored it together

with our little jars

searching for caterpillars

on the tall weeds.

I was convinced the fluffy ones were poisonous.

They probably weren’t.

I watched them walk over my fingers

Slow like a caterpillar.

My little hands.

Caterpillar fingers.

That was a good birthday.

June 17.”

For as big as certain things are to the point where they can’t helped but be noticed or seen, there’s a certain amount of value to focusing on some of the littler things in life every so often. We get so caught up in what’s in front of us for so long that we tend to forget that there are things that are happening just out of the periphery of our sight or our notice, but which are still important in the grand scheme of what could be considered life on this planet.

The way that the game in this entry is laid out is interesting, in that the characters are literally in the grass, seeking caterpillars and looking at them in the jar that they catch them in. You don’t see the caterpillars until you make a catch, and even then you have to bring up the jar item so that a close up is inevitable, in order to see them moving around. This, I think, is part of the experience. You get the jar placed right in front of you, so you can simulate being once again a curious child, fascinated by the wonder that is one of the smaller things in nature. The watching of the caterpillar as it moves is the watching of nature and instinct in action, something that we are hard pressed to do today in our busy, adult lives.

The developer reminisces that this was a good birthday from their youth, spending the day with someone else looking at caterpillars, playing, and generally enjoying nature for what it is.  That the message is more of a memory than it is a message to what we should be doing doesn’t really dampen the idea for me that there are things that are going on around us in nature that we never stop and consider, if for anything else to give ourselves a mental break from what’s around us and stressing us out.

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