169/365 – Meditation Games #169 – Desert Castle Journey

It seems a little cliche, but the old saying about it being more about the journey than the destination probably applies more to road trips and travel away from home than with anything else, at least in the literal sense of the saying. After all, part of the whole point of a trip isn’t as much about where you end up as where you end up going in the process. Most trips that are planned are planned around several stops, spending time in a few different places, and accomplishing an overall goal of taking the time to not be in a destination that is either your home or at work.

168/365 – Meditation Games #168 – Caterpillar Fascination

For as big as certain things are to the point where they can’t helped but be noticed or seen, there’s a certain amount of value to focusing on some of the littler things in life every so often. We get so caught up in what’s in front of us for so long that we tend to forget that there are things that are happening just out of the periphery of our sight or our notice, but which are still important in the grand scheme of what could be considered life on this planet.