167/365 – Meditation Games #167 – Layout Simulator

Developer: KiefferHugo

Launcher Quote: “Demenager

Quitter un appartement, Vider les lieux.

Decamper. Faire place nette. Debarrasser le plancher.

Inventorier, ranger, classer, trier.

Eliminer, jeter, fourguer.



Descendre, desceller, declouer, decoller, devisser, decrocher.

Debrancher, detatcher, couper, tirer, demonter, plier, couper.


Empaqueter, emballer, sangier, nouer, empiler, rassembler, entasser, ficeler, envelopper, proteger, recouvrir, entourer, serrer.

Enlevel, porter, soulever.



It’s fairly fitting that after we just had another entry in the Meditation Games collection that talked about the decisions you make before you move, that we inevitably were going to have one about the decisions you make after you’ve moved. Just as there’s a certain sense of organizing and packing away one’s life in one sense, there’s definitely another process involved in terms of getting it all unpacked and organized once you’re in a new place with new aspirations and a new lease (in some cases literally) on life as a whole.

What Hugo put together reminded me a lot of my obsessive sort of placement and arrangement of furniture and items when I was playing any of the Sims games periodically back in the day. The need to place and rotate the items just right, the way to build the room just so that it provides the optimal amount of space and growth for all the things that I was going to purchase, and watching the room develop into something resembling what I wanted my Sim to present to the world. There’s a kind of joy in doing that in a simulation and building game like the Sims, which is probably why the franchise has been around for so long.

That being said, in real life I’m not nearly as detail-oriented or picky, which is probably why my build of the room in the game ended up not really something that I would be building in The Sims. I tend not to be choosy about the details, preferring something more practical to something that is stylish. That’s probably the kind of thing that you can have an opportunity to choose when you’re in a new place, with just your boxes and nothing unpacked, a way of trying to provide a bit of a fresh start to what you have going on moving forward. Others might look to have what they had exactly when they moved from where they were, minus a few things. That’s fine as well, but the point is that it’s a process, a laying out, and a bit of an arrangement of things, which is part of the message this game is trying to send.

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