162/365 – Meditation Games #162 – Natural Music

Developer Credits: Thomas Altenburger, Florian Hurtaut

Launcher Quote: “Experiment with the harmonies of nature. Toy around by dropping seeds and making flowers and their leaves to grow.”

One of the reasons that I stuck around with music for a bit, at least when I was a musician and band geek in my formative years, was the fact that music, depending on where you were and what you had on hand, could always be found if you looked. Whether it was percussion on a set of buckets or a reed on a certain kind of plant or some other thing that was able to make sounds, the fact that music could be found even if instruments weren’t readily available was part of its appeal.

This is why checking out this little musical interlude of a Meditation Games entry was really fun for me. While music games, especially those that tend to allow a little bit of improvisation to come up with interesting tunes, aren’t as uncommon as one might think, the presentation of this little gem was interesting because it involved something in nature, bouncing seeds off of flowers/plants to make some fun sounds. Sometimes, music isn’t really something where you have to compose something terribly complex, especially as not everyone is really musically inclined. If you make something that sounds pleasing to the ear, that’s usually enough to have some kind of enjoyment in both creating and playing music.

That the setting is something in nature just kind of adds to the improvisation element of the game. Like coming up with music on the fly, nature tends to march to its own beat, evolving and showing that not everything always has to proceed in carefully planned or even logical ways. Using it as a setting is just another way to reinforce the somewhat dynamic nature of music, or that its creation is, at least at first, a matter of experimentation, trying to figure out what sounds good naturally and taking it from there. Instead of playing it by ear, you’re playing it by plant here, but it’s no less appreciated as far as five minute game experiences go.

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