159/365 – Meditation Games #159 – Spread The Love

Developer: Borb

Launcher Quote: “press R to reset, Z to spread love, arrows to move”

One of the things that I think this project has uncovered that’s been neat to me is the fact that old school game presentations seem to get a new coat of paint. Because the developers have had parameters set as far as how they put forth what they do as well as ensure that the games they develop take about 5 minutes to play, the result for some of the entries is a simple graphical setup and mechanics with equally straightforward goals. This entry, which reminded me of the top down exploration/action puzzlers of days gone by, is just another example of this.

For these games, I’ve always been a fan of the exploration element. You’re not given a map (or make one as you go along), you have to be careful about what paths you follow, and there’s often a maze-like quality to every stage as you complete goals and try to find the way to the next level. I definitely got that sense going through here, and “spreading the love” – a simple aura radiating effect that affects others around you as you move, is a way to try to explore the entire game in order to find everyone to help or assist in this way.

Interestingly enough, the mechanic is cumulative, meaning that the more other characters you convert, the more love is spread in a wider and more obvious range. It may not be as straightforward in life, but here in the game, the message to me appears to be of the way that you tend to affect others in life as you move forward, exploring what’s next and trying to meet your own goals. Those lives you touch positively affect others, and those yet others. It’s a bit of an old school way to present the entire theme of old shows like “Quantum Leap”, which put forth the premise that the protagonists have more of a radiating effect on the world than is immediately obvious when laser focused on present dilemmas and goals – but it definitely gets the job done.

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