157/365 – Meditation Games #157 – Storm Chaser

Developer: Rami Ismail, Devine Lu Linvegas

Launcher Quote: “Take a picture of the storm & quit whenever you want to”

One thing that’s always fascinated me about photographers is the fact that they’re more often than not very patient people when it comes to taking shots. Maybe this is because traditionally this hearkens back to a time when photographers were limited in some way by the amount of film they had, and had to make sure that their shots counted, but even in the age of digital, trying to find that perfect shot, that excellent angle, that captures the moment is one requiring a great deal of patient forethought.

Trying to get the right shot of the storm in this game was an exercise in that patience. More than anything that you could choose to take a picture of, nature is itself a force that is on many levels not quite within our control. The weather, animals, the landscape – all of these are things that can change or have a way of messing with the fact that you want to have a perfect opportunity to take the right picture. Sure, you could settle for a still shot that is generic, but many photographers I know are ones that have a standard that has to be met, and finding the best looking pictures that capture the moment means trying as much as possible to get nature to cooperate a little.

Beyond that, today’s exercise in patience for the perfect shot of the perfect storm, so to speak, is in and of itself a kind of meditative practice. I found myself trying to clear my mind, focus on the screen, and find the picture I wanted to take, shutting out everything else that mattered. A soft and occasionally punctuated thunderstorm seems to be the best vehicle for something like this, with the rain and the rolling sound of thunder and brief lightning the only interruptions to trying to capture the right moment. In many ways this, too, is a reason why many photographers find their patience in finding the right shot to be rewarding – it’s an activity that requires a sort of meditative mental state that is repeated many times throughout a session or gig, focusing on moments, thinking about whether you have a good shot and finally taking it. The visual satisfaction from reviewing one’s work later, especially if it’s to capture something in nature like a storm, is, at least for me, a big motivator for waiting for the perfect photographic moment.

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