155/365 – Meditation Games #155 – The Chase

Developer: Jose Pacio

Launcher Quote: “About a week from this game’s release, I will be graduating from college. With the end of this four years of school coming to a close, I wanted to reflect on everything that has happened, all the stumbling and bumbling that has gotten me to this point, as well as contemplating on what comes next.”

Different points in life are easily seen as phases – all part of a process in which you have an overall goal you are trying to get to and are making an effort in order to get to where you need to, putting in decisions, ideas, and running towards an ideal that gets you to the next step that you want to take. Often times such phases are filled with stumbles, mistakes, and other such lessons that you use in order to keep up the chase, to grasp that next step,a nd to move on from there.

There’s few segments of life that typify this as much as the 4 year journey through college does. Moreso than grade school or high school, and perhaps even in any other time period in the formative years of life, the 4 year trek that college/university takes is often a long and winding chase, as students try to find direction and purpose, try to find that degree that they want (or think they want, sometimes switching midstream to pursue another road). The game that the developer’s put together is very appropriate in this regard, forcing the player to keep a certain pace, time jumps properly, but inevitably fall over a bunch and have to get up again in order to continue the pursuit of the all important graduation goal.

I ended up falling over quite a bit, considering the fact that I’ve never really been that good at platformers, but by the time that I was just about at the end of my short playtime I could see that I was able to manage to chase the goal pretty consistently. It was, as with a lot of these games, a nice and appropriate way to present the metaphor of chasing the goal, finally getting that degree, and then using it to start a new chase – one that leads to what you hope is a successful and fruitful career doing what needs to be done and hopefully loving doing it at the same time. The key in all these chases is to keep up the chase, to never stop being hungry, and despite falling over, jump back up and make sure you avoid more obstacles. It’s a worthy message sent not just for the memory of graduation the developer will soon create, but for everything that comes afterward.


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