154/365 – Meditation Games #154 – Doggo Heaven

Developer: Robin Baumgarten

Launcher Quote: “A silly little experiment with dogs chasing things and playing games.”

Some dogs, left to their own devices, are the most distracted and playful animals out there. Unlike their counterparts in the common four-legged pet realm, the cat, dogs are not above running around, playing with and running around with any object they find to be interesting, chasing humans and animals alike, and generally not really caring their all-too-hyper behavior makes them look silly.

More to the point, a bit of doggo heaven is  presented in this Meditation Games entry, with a ball, a flexible pole, and lights that tend to distract more than provide any worthwhile process. You only start out with four dogs, but that’s three more than a normal person who wasn’t really trained would likely be able to handle. What’s more, you can acquire more dogs, cause an explosion of balls by working with the flexible pole, and generally be trailed by the dogs as you move around the screen. That’s a bit more of a sobering point when it comes to making sure dogs have the initial training, love and attention, and responsiveness to commands because the alternative is a lot of distracted and potentially disobedient best friends.

One of the nice takeaways from this is the fact that there isn’t a particularly deep message here. It’s an experimental game,  meant to be able to see how many dogs you can get going and how much running around you can do with all of them. In that sense, it’s not really different than the goals of some dogs when they aren’t exercising, which is to say they’d rather lay around, laze out under someone’s feet, and really just enjoy the simple things in life – things that aren’t very complex or which require much thought. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that – and perhaps we could learn a thing or two about the carefree nature and the always-aiming-to-please nature of any friendly dog or set of dogs, if for nothing else that to see that it is possible, even as a human controlling the dogs, to do great things – or know when to take a doggo nap.

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