153/365 – Meditation Games #153 – Forest Connection

Developer: James Wood

Launcher Quote: “Inspired by the first encounter with my soul mate at Nutclough wood also known as Forest Day”

We’ve had a lot of nature-based entries in the Meditation Games series lately,and the trend continues with this game about the developer meeting up with the person that they would eventually consider to be their soulmate in a  kind of camping and compansionship setting in a forest. Even though you can forge connections in a city, in a workplace, and in other urban-based environments, some significance was placed on the fact that this happened out in nature, that appropriately enough, the seeds for a connection were planted over the course of their time in the woods.

In a way, nature is an appropriate setting for this – after all, animals and other living things that couple up and end up together tend to do so in nature and have natural  tendencies that make the connection easier and more in sync with instinct and the surroundings of places like a deep forest wood. As you control the two dots as their move around, spend time together and generally are shown to make a connection with each other, you can see how the setting in nature helps contribute to this due to the moving around and all the activities that get depicted in a camping environment.

While I’m not a camping or outdoors-y person myself, I can nevertheless appreciate the fact that being out in nature and staying out together in that kind of environment could lead to something more as far as connecting with someone else. You’re not exactly in survival mode, but you are “roughing it”, so to speak, and trying to connect with nature, leaving the cares of the world behind. In that sense, with only the outdoors, forest animals, and the forces of nature itself as a backdrop, becoming closer as a result almost appears to be a foregone conclusion among those who happen to become friendly with each other and seek each other’s company. A reminder that a connection can happen anywhere.

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