152/365 – Meditation Games #152 – Safari In The City

Developer: Kitty Calis, Thomas Wellmann, Jukio Kallio, Jam Willem Nijman

Launcher Quote: “Often things get busy and life happens, but there’s almost no excuse not to look around you and enjoy the little things. Hello, silly squirrel and pretty pig!”

If you spend any time in a big city, like I do, you tend to forget about some of the simpler stuff that exists that occurs in nature. Sure, you get little reminders here or there when you see a forest preserve or a park or someplace that is cultivated and isolated for the purpose of not having sprawling city built in it, but never really an obvious and in-your-face occurrence of it.

Some of today’s game reminded me that there is some nature to be found if you go looking around it even if you’re in the city. It could be a flock of birds hopping around the grass looking for food, a rabbit that goes bounding across a lawn, or something as simple as leaves changing color, falling off, and then blooming again once things get warm. It can be a squirrel running with seemingly blinding speed up a tree after stealing a nut, or a raccoon up to some mischief in someone’s garbage. The point is that it isn’t difficult to find something to look for that occurs in nature even in a city if you know where to look.

A lot of the game, even though it seems like it’s random clicking around to find all the nature and animals, seems to fall under this category of really looking for something that you can appreciate that you aren’t always looking for, because it isn’t something that jumps out at you. It can extend beyond looking for things in nature in the city to a place to eat the best food that’s a hole in the wall amongst fancy restaurants, or a beautiful piece of music being played by a street musician in a busy and crowded subway tunnel. Looking for something that you might normally pass by but need to take the time to appreciate just to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the real world is the message being sent here, and  that’s what can really help keep you going in every day life.



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