148/365 – Meditation Games #148 – Precious Togetherness

Developer Credits: Nabi Hamdi Mortan, Esen Andic-Mortan, Kukla

Launcher Quote: “The precious, fleeting moments of love and peace with loved ones are so important to cherish. This is a reminder from us, to us, and perhaps to you <3”

In the craziness that can sometimes occupy our time in the real world, it’s easy to forget moments spent with those you care most about that, though seemingly minor in the grand scheme of life, do still carry some significance and agency as far as being able to remind you of something important that you can cherish when you’re in that tornado-like force of nature that is your daily grind, your stress, or anything else that tends to threaten to be overwhelming. This game is a reminder of these moments, and serves its purpose well.

Times like this I’m thankful for the fact that the games in this series don’t convey their message through text. A lot of imagery is required in order to ensure that the player either thinks about the message that might be being sent, or that the message itself carries a theme or a philosophy that is supposed to be reflective of what the developer was thinking when making it. Here you can click through a variety of images and actions as the player spends time with someone else, having a meal, looking at the scenery, generally being around even as the background and foreground of items changes with each proper click. The result is a series of calming, simple images that still convey the sometimes complex message that your moments with those you care about are filled with a ton of memories, and that even if they fade away into a set of vague, general images that the moment itself is crystallized in your mind.

Some people tend to draw strength from the support, the friendship, and the love that their friends and loved ones possess for them. It’s a kind of emotional reservoir, a bit of a togetherness fuel that can help provide a bit of solace for when things get a little bit nuts when you’re being constantly interrupted, when you’re subject to an environment that threatens to overcome your senses, and when you’re just stressed. That kind of precious togetherness is something to both remember fondly and to look forward to in the future, and if anything else, the game served for me as a reminder that even in the desert of life stress there are oases like these memories to cling to to get through hostile mental territory.


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