147/365 – Meditation Games #147 – Shared Rain

Developer: Ren

Launcher Quote: “Waiting, in the storm


On the 27th May 2018, my birthday, after watching an event, a huge thunderstorm began. This game reflects on the feelings of awe at the sound of the thunder echoing in the parking lot, the feeling of shared purpose with friends, and simultaneously the feeling of frustration in trying to get a taxi to come to take us to our hotel.”

Shared events often are catalysts to bring people together that normally wouldn’t interact or hadn’t met before. Some of the time this can be  people at the same party, people who are at a place where people tend to gather like a convention, or at places that people are every day, like work, the coffee shop, and more. But more often than not, like it is in the developer’s setting for today’s game, it’s just at a place where people are waiting for something, even if it’s as simple as trying to wait for a way out of a pouring rain storm.

A thunderstorm, where people are a bit inconvenienced, is oftentimes a common event where shared difficulty can bring people together. The funny thing is that on its own, it’s not necessarily a purposeful event that seeks to stress out or frustrate people trying to get together. It just simply is, an event in nature that is necessary and common in the turning of the planet and in every day life. Yet as a means of inadvertent inconvenience it has a way of breaking down barriers, if for nothing else to make things a bit easier for the experience overall for a few short minutes by informal socializing, or if among friends to help deepen and encourage burgeoning friendships.

Generally, you could say that shared experiences as a whole, from the time they start to the very end, where everyone gets past the experience and moves on with their lives, are what help bind humans together. That this is the result of something in nature just makes it all the more interesting – if it wasn’t a thunderstorm, it could be something like watching clouds, seeing the weather change slightly (or violently), or observing animals or pets. Nature, even when it’s an inconvenient thing, has a way of making things a bit easier in its wake to bear when it is seen and felt by multiple people – and perhaps when it crosses the line from being inconvenient to being perhaps dangerous or willful, allows people to work together, even for a few minutes, towards a common purpose. Does this happen every time? Obviously not, but when it comes to rain or a storm, it has a pretty good chance of happening as the thunder and lightning crash near.

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