146/365 – Meditation Games #146 – Love Connection Hindsight

Developer: Jose Luis Gutierrez Herrera

Launcher Quote: “On the eve of my wedding, this day makes me remember all the circumstances my wife and I had to go through in order for us to meet and form a couple. It fills my heart with joy and love to know that I’ve found the person to spend all my days with and I want to share that with you. Thanks for playing”

Fate and coincidence are a funny sort of thing when it comes to romance. While in the movies and in popular culture there is a sense that when romance happens, it’s a bit of a destined thing, that it is something that is meant to happen and that at the end of the neat little tried off 90-minute feature film that it ends happily. This is rarely the case when it comes to actual romance, where meetings and circumstances, often random and unintended, are more often than not the catalyst for a relationship beginning.

Still, there’s a chain of events and surroundings that can basically contribute to this happening, which is the point of the developer’s entry into the series. You’re supposed to match up the daily lives and ins and outs of the two dots on the screen with each other, with each meeting filling a bit more of the hearts that are on the screen. The idea is that it takes time and closeness to develop something into a relationship, and that each development is filled with meetings and memories that develop into something more than a friendship or a close association. If something in that chain of events doesn’t happen, perhaps something doesn’t trigger another event or another memory, perhaps others enter the picture and direct the direction of a potential relationship happen, and still other circumstances or lack of timing make it so that it isn’t feasible or the right time to get involved with someone else.

In hindsight, it’s interesting to chart this path towards two people eventually finding that they want to spend the rest of their lives together, but at the time it’s not really something to think about too hard. I’ve always been a big fan of not being someone to try to anticipate every outcome. Preparation is fine, and planning ahead is fine, but as the game shows, it’s very easy to get your plans out of sync, and a very trivial thing to see that they don’t lead to what you want as far as a relationship goes. It’s one thing to have thoughts and ideas about what you want in a relationship and entirely another to try to over plan for one to happen. As the game shows, it’s often a set of events that have their own progression and pace, and in many ways lead to what’s wanted even when you’re not looking too hard for it. Celebrating those circumstances and memories, however, regardless of how they occur, is always a worthwhile effort in the end.

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