146/365 – Meditation Games #146 – Love Connection Hindsight

Fate and coincidence are a funny sort of thing when it comes to romance. While in the movies and in popular culture there is a sense that when romance happens, it’s a bit of a destined thing, that it is something that is meant to happen and that at the end of the neat little tried off 90-minute feature film that it ends happily. This is rarely the case when it comes to actual romance, where meetings and circumstances, often random and unintended, are more often than not the catalyst for a relationship beginning.

145/365 – Meditation Games #145 – Convention Memories

The sights of a fan convention are always a core part of why people attend one. Walking around, seeing things like the dealer’s room, the artist’s alley, the spectacle of opening ceremonies, the panel rooms, the videos being shown, the hotel or convention center being transformed into a celebration of the con’s subject – all of these are a part of the convention experience. But none of these really tops being able to see cosplayers walking around, depictions of themselves as their favorite characters and the bright colors and carefully constructed costumes accompanying the normally dressed attendees.