143/365 – Meditation Games #143 – Flowering Uniqueness

Developer: Ash

Launcher Quote: “A late spring day in the UK. A time when there’s light rain and vibrant flowers. Click each pair of pink and blue flowers as they appear and they will create a new flower and the world will seem a bit brighter. And even though each pink and blue flower is similar they are in fact unique, and will in turn create a unique flower themselves.”

I’ve found flowers to be a curious thing, aside from the obvious appreciation I have for all of them, because of the fact that even though there are types and categories, consistent visual elements and botany which organize them, that no two of the same flower look exactly alike. Even though on the surface or at a glance they might seem to be such, there’s always a little subtle set of differences that set one flower of the same type from another.

This is likely what the developer is trying to get at with this game of flowers, where you touch each one as they bloom and you get a brand new creation, looking similar but in the end is entirely unique. Sure, even though in this case it is completely different in each case, there’s still a thought back to how flowers in general may have things like variants or different sizes or types, things that are distinct which separate each individual flower from another. It was both fun and visually satisfying to bring up so many different flowers for so many different ways that I chose to click each pair of them, and it was also nice to see the result as a whole – a large field of colors and shapes that, though similar looking, each had an individual appeal to them.

In a lot of ways, this is sort of how humans turn out. Even though much more complex ideas in both biology and genetics are involved, the fact of the matter is that while we may have similarities to each other in race or in visuals, or in how and where we are raised, that each one of us, like the flowers, is a unique being, an individual with a set of thoughts, ideas, interests that may be set in common with others but which are also the result of our own unique way of looking at the world around us, and, perhaps unlike the flowers, with an ability to interact and be influenced by the other humans around us. In this sense, the earth is the field and we’re the flowers that are on it – and the idea is that while we are all unique and individual, that we should remember both where we came from, and how similar we might be to the others around us, even if it might not be as apparent.

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