139/365 – Meditation Games #139 – Garden of Cultivation

Developer Credits: Liam Esler, Benjamin Ee, Troy Ferguson

Launcher Quote: “Plant seeds. Water them. Watch them grow into a beautiful garden.”

There’ve been some entries about plant life, growing it, and watching it eventually becoming something that is much bigger than ourselves, but unlike one of the recent entries I had to deal with that decided to take this approach to an 8 hour extreme, this entry only lasts 5 minutes no matter what choices you make. That limited time period, however, made for an interesting experience for me when I was playing.

Having to decide which seeds to use, how many of each, and where to put them were all things that in an accelerated timeline presented a bit of a challenge. I didn’t know how the seeds would grow, nor did I know what the garden would look like after it was finished, nor did I have a clue about the method for watering and having them grow. In some respects, this presented me with a scattershot set of possibilities, where I had to make quick decisions about what potentially have long term consequences. While the garden that I eventually drew turned out to be lush, with a lot of variance and tons of tall plants that showed my success, it wasn’t necessarily something that had a pattern or much organization to it. Such as it was when you have to make your choices in a short amount of time.

But thinking about this metaphorically, maybe this was on purpose. We do encounter, at times in our lives, the idea that we have to make definitive and decisive choices in short amounts of time. Maybe not as short as the 5 minute time limit that the game gives us, but certainly places where we’re at a crossroads and we have to make a choice to go one way or the other, or plant the metaphorical seeds of something that we plan to cultivate for years to come. In this sense, perhaps worrying about how things could turn out or be is something that we’re not supposed to be obsessed over. Working towards cultivating a garden of goals and ideas and outcomes should be done carefully but nevertheless be done, lest the opportunity for growth pass us by.


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