130/365 – Meditation Games #130 – Arrangement Anxiety

Anxiety is something that I’ve felt at times during my life, but it wasn’t until I had to help and deal with others who had it that I began to understand, at least as much as I could not being first-hand experiencing it, how difficult it can get for people. For those who struggle with anxiety and anxiety attacks, it’s much more than just the occasional feeling that you get when you have something that you’re nervous about or if you’ve had a somewhat bad or stressful day. For those for which it is a persistent and difficult issue, it’s a crushing, paralyzing experience that keeps people from being able to enjoy or even deal with the normal everyday events and occurrences in life.

129/365 – Meditation Games #129 – Against All Shoot-‘Em-Up Odds

Arcade-like shoot-’em-up games were a favorite of mine when I was growing up with games, and not just because of the fact that they were visually appealing or featured a lot of pleasantly satisfying explosions and challenging stages filled with automatic scrolling  goodness. The genre was one that I liked to gravitate towards because without fail, most shmup games presented you, the single ace pilot and the chosen one, as one that had to fly and shoot their way through overwhelming numbers to save the day.