128/365 – Meditation Games #128 – Dance Break On The Reef

Developer Credits: Izzy Gramp, Grace Bruxner

Launcher Quote: “We made this game because May 8 is a date that sounds like mate.

We think moving Australia Day to May 8 would be a good move, considering it is currently celebrated on the day Australia was invaded, and is synonymous with genocide.

Anyway please enjoy our beaches and our reef (…before our government does first >.>’)”

Normally puns aren’t really my thing – I’m the kind of person that tends to groan at them more than make them, but in this case, I found myself chuckling at how appropriate it was. Having a Meditations game entry happen on “May-8” to talk a bit about Australia day is entirely appropriate for what was shown today in a bit of levity that was tempered by a bit of seriousness about the day as a whole as well as treatment of nature. The beach is usually a place that, while inhabited by fellow humans due to how nice it is in the right kind of weather, is also a place where nature can be observed in the form of beach and shore animal life. I know I’ve spent many a beach day enjoying watching the animals live their lives on the beach and near the reefs, most of the time blissfully ignorant of the humans cluttering up their home for the day.

To the point of what the developers were talking about in their launcher quote, I think the slow creep of the manmade or the government-sponsored into nature is something that should be watched and approached with great care. It’s true that there’s an inevitable crawl into what was once naturally occurring and existing space on the part of sea wildlife, and there’s obviously benefit to having a place where a relaxing beach day can be had, but there’s also value in preserving the life that’s already there. Left to their devices, ocean and sea life can provide a set of wonders that isn’t as easily apparent once the beach is filled with people, buildings, and other such manmade elements.

Perhaps this is why, aside from the entertainment value, that the sea life in this entry are depicted doing a dance and generally having a good time, unobserved by anyone aside from the two developers who are content to let them do their thing and groove along with them. It’s entertaining and definitely cute to watch, but it’s also a reminder that such life is at its best when left to its own devices – whether to dance, crawl, or otherwise live our their lives in relative safety from the encroaching takeover of, well, us.


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