124/365 – Meditation Games #124 – Classically Difficult STAR WARS

Developer: Miguel Lopez

Launcher Quote: “May The Force Be With You.”

These days, I’m all about having games be as accessible and easy as possible, and most of it might be the fact that I’m well and keenly aware of the fact that I’m older, have less time for games and tend to fall asleep more than stay up for night time gaming sessions. But back in the good old days, I relished a challenge, and there was no greater challenge that occupied by younger days than a STAR WARS game.

Today’s entry from Miguel Lopez reminded me of a time when the dreaded “freighter escort” mission from the original X-Wing was an axercise in mastering both flight and  shooting, when the first FPS in the STAR WARS universe made sure that the stormtroopers shot more accurately than all of the movies combined, and when  Knights of the Old Republic made certain you were gearing and balancing your party right to either turn to the light side or dominate with the dark side. Running down the narrow, Death Star corridor, one shot or run in to the wall doing you in reminded me of the fact that this wasn’t the easy mode work of more current games like The Forced Unleashed.

Part of me appreciates the fact that these games were difficult because it made an appropriate stand in being able to convey just how desperate a situation was, as the thematic idea of some of STAR WARS is the struggle against overwhelming odds and an opponent that seemingly has an iron-fisted grip on the universe you occupy. In this respect, these situations should be difficult because they actually really were in the movies when it came to similar challenges. It did, on many levels, make beating these classic STAR WARS games vastly more satisfying because you felt like you had practiced enough (and probably suffered enough) to make yourself feel like the Rebel Alliance did when they triumphed or sacrificed against something that they didn’t have any business surviving against. Even though I’d probably pick the Sith over the Jedi these days, I can appreciate that kind of simple, yet hilly mountain climb of challenge that today’s game reminded me of. May the Fourth be with you, indeed.


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