125/365 – Meditation Games #125 – Path to Light

Identity has been a big thematic part of many developers’ entries into the Meditation Games series, and much of some of the identity exploration has not surprisingly surrounded sexuality or gender in some form or fashion. These are, before most anything else, one of the markers of how someone tends to identify themselves as, and the journey, trials, and tribulations that those that are non-binary go through as a result of society’s default need to place in one box or the other is the part of the subject of today’s entry. The other part of this identity discovery is the result of finding out how you operate, how you are mentally wired, and what, if anything, you need to do in order to cope with and accept that wiring – a common theme for those that deal with the stigma of mental health issues.

124/365 – Meditation Games #124 – Classically Difficult STAR WARS

These days, I’m all about having games be as accessible and easy as possible, and most of it might be the fact that I’m well and keenly aware of the fact that I’m older, have less time for games and tend to fall asleep more than stay up for night time gaming sessions. But back in the good old days, I relished a challenge, and there was no greater challenge that occupied by younger days than a STAR WARS game.