120/365 – Meditation Games #120 – Universal Creation

Developer: Silver Dragon

Launcher Quote: “I make games as a hobby and I remember this day being a bit rough. This meditation is based on a conversation with a friend I had that day.”

Sometimes the value of creating something has much more benefit than on the surface. Making something is like being a god in a universe of your choosing. We have the ability to make something of nothing, put it where we want to, shape it how we want to have it shaped. We have complete and total autonomy over the thing that is formed and we bring it into being just as we have the ability to destroy it and start over.

What was interesting about this meditation games entry, which seems to take a bit more of an overall tack on the idea of creation, was the fact that it pulls outward in order to show that even though we have complete control over the one thing that we create initially, that it is potentially a part of a universe of creations made by other people, all with their own unique traits and properties, and that the potential for such a universe made from those creations is limitless. You get to do this again a couple other times, with the same result each time,and it’s a bit of a sobering experience on some level to see your content be only one piece of a number of them.

That being said, on another level this is a matter of perspective, both for those who are in the games development space, and those who participate in creation of media in general. It’s good to know that you aren’t the only creator out there, that others are creating similar universes, similar entities, similar labors of love. The lack of centralization of such a creative process means that you have the potential to communicate, to collaborate, to work together to learn from one another. It’s a heartening message on a certain level – whether it is in basic conversation, as the developer talks about in the launcher quote, or wide sweeping group efforts, the process of learning from one another as you also create in your own space is something that connects us together, and is something that shouldn’t be underestimate to keep improving on the things we make, both for ourselves and for others.

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