121/365 – Meditation Games #121 – Literally Losing Life and Limbs

This meditation games entry, to me, speaks for itself, and that’s probably not a surprising thing considering my close proximity to the games industry through all the work I’ve done it in for the past decade plus or so. While there’s a bit of comedic absurdity in presenting what at first seems to be a slapstick way of displaying a rough work environment and the literal consequence of working until your hands fall off, there’s also a bit of dark undercut as far as the mood and the presentation is concerned, and it surrounds two systemic issues in games that many studios struggle with today – that of a volatile, stressful work environment and the dangers of enforcing practices such as crunch in order to get games developed and out the window.

120/365 – Meditation Games #120 – Universal Creation

ometimes the value of creating something has much more benefit than on the surface. Making something is like being a god in a universe of your choosing. We have the ability to make something of nothing, put it where we want to, shape it how we want to have it shaped. We have complete and total autonomy over the thing that is formed and we bring it into being just as we have the ability to destroy it and start over.