115/365 – Meditation Games #115 – Penguin Parent Rockstars

Every so often we’re reminded of the fact that there are animals out there that do interesting things in nature that they see as perfectly normal but which we find fascinating in our study of them. For those that aren’t always in nature every day, and surrounded by more modernism and technology than we can shake a stick at, being shown or reminded of the fact that nature still has wonderful things to show us and to perhaps teach us is one of the best things that we can have put in the back of our minds.

114/365 – Meditation Games #114 – Heart Cycle

I can see how the developer compares being on a bicycle to being on a chase, one that never quite ends but is part of the appeal of being on a bike in the first place. You’re exercising, but you’re also free, riding where you want to be and looking towards a distance that you can choose to have last as short or as long as you want it to be. Some people who enjoy biking tell me that it’s the combination of this travel and the act of pedaling your way that feels like you’re getting somewhere under your own power, whether that is literally or figuratively.