112/365 – Meditation Games #112 – Keeping The Balloon Afloat

Developer: Marshall Cannon

Launcher Quote: “The balloon never stops expanding.”

I’ve always had a dilemma with science-type stuff, and I Think that just betrays the fact that I’m more of a wordy, humanities type person (as if the things that I do and say aren’t obvious to that, heh). I get the basics, but there are some things that I tend to forget when it comes to recalling some of the ways in which science tends to work with regards to experiments and how things operate. It’s the kind of stuff that when it appears in a game like today’s, I sort of have to think about it a little bit before getting what I need to do.

Such as it was when I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to ensure the balloon never came close to the bomb or how to keep it from dropping mindlessly on the ground, while still maximizing it’s height. It took me a bit to remember that hot air would make the balloon rise, which means lighting the bomb fuse to generate the air was the thing to do, and cutting off the oxygen of the flame with the cover was what was needed to be done to stop it. Sure, I felt a little embarrassed at having to remember grade school science to do it, but I also hadn’t played years of adventure/puzzle-solving games for nothing (thanks, Uncharted series).

The metaphor of keeping the balloon afloat seemed to reflect for me trying to generally keep myself afloat mentally – a continuous process of trying to give myself the right resources to stay up above the danger of the bomb or the ground far below, a challenge to try to keep things just right as far as the balance of floating and granting more fuel to survive another day, another week, another month, another year. It’s the kind of struggle that defines a lot of us, but one in which, like the science of this game, the tools are in front of you to use.

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